Homage “Dawn” | WP Daily Prompt

by Sylvia Stout

Here’s an ode to the style of Jeffrey McDaniel- one of my favorite poets.

trying to imagine you is like
taking a picture of a sunrise in a mirror; solely glare
so far removed, it’d be a mere copy of a replica
you are only burning bright

your lips taste like the fruit of knowledge
without the price
sin, without the penitence…
kisses only sweet

your whispers float like the breathe of angels
dancing, suspended
the siren’s call to my weary ears
a future written in dissappearing ink

your skin sings a tail of redemption
soft and inviting
morning dew gathers perched on her petal
i can trace my salvation in the crooks of your palm.

your absence smells of lilacs caught naked,
battered and bruised in a spring mornings’ soft rain
subtle yet unmistakable
this fragile strength

dawn breaks with her heart